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Malibu, California
Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow 2014

March 4, 2014

Community Profile and Vision Framework

The more we understand where we are and where we have been, the better we will be prepared to look to the future, to assess the community's options for management of change. If we do not control the future, the future will control us.

This document addresses our ability to control the future by containing in one place the most important reference material and projections about this City. This is a compilation of information that is unparalleled in the short history of this City.

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We summarize twelve aspects of Malibu life that include:

  1. History • The rich legacy of our founders
  2. Demographics • Who we are
  3. Community Participation • Our dedication to our neighborhoods
  4. Schools and Education • Keys to our children’s future
  5. Physical Environment • What we have been given
  6. Land Use • Topography and geology constraints
  7. Open Space and Beaches • Stewardship and sharing
  8. Traffic and Circulation • One of our greatest challenges
  9. Economy • Opportunities for our residents
10. Community Infrastructure and Public Safety • Infrastructure development
11. Community Leadership • How we are governed
12. Creating a Vision for Malibu


Malibu Community Survey 2012
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Malibu Community Survey 2012
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