Civic Center Group

A civic and public policy resource, assisting businesses, organizations, cities and communities in strategic planning, evaluating feasibility, considering impacts, assessing needs, establishing systems, planning, and specialized research

Established in Los Angeles for more than three decades, the Civic Center team focuses on public policy, consensus building and actionable strategic planning. A professional team of project managers, planners and researchers provides strategic solutions for special projects, community and economic development.

Had key roles in developing a revised City Charter for Los Angeles, Neighborhood Councils, Area Planning Commissions and improving efficiency and accountability within the municipal system

Worked with city, county, regional, state and federal agencies to establish a San Fernando Valley Statistical District, Census County Division, SCAG planning sub-region and council of governments

Active in regional planning and workforce development

Principal - Robert L. Scott

Executive Director, San Fernando Valley Council of Governments

Director: Mulholland Institute

Over 40 years experience in the realm of business and consulting

Over 30 years experience in the practice of law


President Los Angeles City Planning Commission*

Founder, CEO and chair of numerous local and regional organizations

Areas of special focus: business formation, contracts and transactions, civic and non-profit entities, organizational issues, strategic planning, collaborative development and consensus building, government reform and streamlining, municipal charters, councils of governments, joint powers agencies, legislation, planning, publishing and advertising

Member California, federal and US Supreme Court bars

Judge Pro Tem, Los Angeles Superior Court

*Scott presided over the adoption of the city's current general plan framework

Memberships & Organizations

Founding Chair, The Valley Economic Alliance

Chair, Valley Industry & Commerce Association (VICA)

Chair, United Chambers of Commerce

Chair, Valley Economic Development Center (VEDC)

Chair: Vision2020:SFV

Member: Global Land Use & Economics Committee SCLC

Member: SCAG Compass Blueprint Committee

Founding Member: SurveyLA Historic Resources Committee

Founding Member: The Green Team and Green Agenda


San Fernando Valley Bar Assoc. Stanley Lintz Award

44th Annual Fernando Award

Valley Industry & Commerce Assoc. Harmin Ballin Award

Frank Oberhansley Award

Extensive recognition on all levels for civic engagement