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Healthcare and Wellness: Regional Solutions for a National Challenge

The costs of healthcare are increasing at a rate doubling the increase in the Consumer Price Index. An alternative to top-down federally-mandated programs is the development of local patient pools and cooperatives. These programs and insurance products would be focused on a commitment of clients to wellness, including regular checkups, prevention and a pledge to maintain healthy lifestyles.
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Reforming Schools

The Los Angeles Unified School District needs major reform. Nine Major Proposals.
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Civic Center The Heart of a Community

The Town Center or Civic Center is at the heart of any community - the place where we seek enjoyment, voice our opinions, plea for justice, access public services, and the place we go to gain access to our civic leaders. Special recognition goes to those thousands across the U.S. who volunteer their time and resources to help in the mission of making our communities better places to live.

Whether elected officials or community activists, those engaged in "civic intervention" respond to a higher calling, and are determined to take on the mantel of leadership in the interest of creating and maintaining economically and environmentally sustainable communities.